About Moissanites

Moissanites consist of a rare mineral - Silicon Carbide. The mineral was first discovered by Henri Moissan in 1893 in a meteor crater in Arizona. Over time the crystals have been found in other places on earth but in small quantities including some diamond mines and meteor craters.

Since the mineral is so rare, gem stones are created from a synthetic form of the mineral in a lab. On the scale that measures hardness, Moissanites fall slightly below that of diamonds with diamonds being a 10 and Moissanites a 9.5. On the diamond color grading scale Moissanites exceed diamonds to the point that one can see the colors even in the photographs on our site. When comparing the light reflective properties of diamonds and Moissanites, the Moissanite wins again meaning they have more sparkle than diamonds.

The Moissanites featured in Finger Frosting are grown in the labs of Charles & Colvard. Celebrities are familiar with Charles & Colvard these days as many are opting for Moissanite jewelry. Also, Moissanites earned a  spot on 20/20 as they have gained in popularity.

Oh, one more thing. Diamonds are supposed to be the ultimate in gem stones because they are rare. Well guess what, that is and always has been a myth created by marketers in the jewelry industry to justify hiking up the price of a gem that is not rare at all. The main thing a diamond has going for it is it durability due to its hardness. At the end of the a Moissanite has life long durability and will hold its luster better than a diamond. Many earth conscience people will opt for Moissanites because of negative political issues and damage mining causes the earth.

We opt for them at Finger Frosting for all those reasons and also because they are affordable and just plain beautiful.